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We started our company by offering high quality websites to local businesses. Although, what separates our websites from the competition? Our websites deliver our clients quality leads that convert into foot traffic, phone calls, and ultimately help build or rebuild their brand. Not only do we focus on designing the website, but we also focus on coding your website. Gone are the days of adding content to make your website look “cool” or “flashy” – it is more than that. A website in 2021 needs to have a fast loading speed, HTML tags,  engaging quality content, and much more. Google is scanning trillions of websites each and everyday. We want to make it easier and seamless for Google to find your company. Every aspect of your website needs to correspond with each other in perfect sync. We got you covered.
We have developed our own method to build the perfect website and our clients have seen a huge growth in sales. We focus on all the ranking components that matter. That is why most of our clients continue to stay with Cultr Media by signing up for our SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing package. Contact our Sales Team to help get you started in building your dream website today.


HTML Tags help your website rank on Google, and we have the perfect formula for you to benefit off of. Here at Cultr Media, Our extensive keyword research paired with proper header and alt tags help your website rank. This will allow your website to gain traffic from users in your local market. Most websites today are missing these tags because it is custom coded and this is where we can help.

Lightning Page Speed

The thought of a slow loading website attracts a lot of negative attention. If your site does not load quick enough, then users will simply leave with a bad taste in their mouth. The only way to create a fast website is to build it from the ground up. Getting a template for your new website and calling it a day will not work out. Just a few ways that we are able to help your website load faster include compressing images, dynamic caching, and cloud hosting.

Quality Content

Why don't websites with proper keywords rank on Google? This is because even if you are using the proper keywords, most website pages simply do not have quality content. You can not cheat the Google algorithm. If you want your website to be on the first page of Google then you must have relevant content on your site. For example, quality content includes having a word count of over 1,000 words, infographic design, a detailed video, and much more.
Our Website Team Is Here To Help

We build our websites from the ground up for many different reasons.  We first focus on optimizing your website under-the-hood. Then, we advance to designing your website with a clean UX. If you want to add additional items on your website feel free to reach out to our support team. Our goal is to build your dream website and display your brand for the whole world to see.

Website Audit

All of our clients will receive a complimentary website audit. Some of the things we will analyze include your current website's speed, HTML tags, and redirects.

Local Market Research

We have special software that allows us to analyze your local competitors and customers. With this tool, we are able to use the proper keywords on your alt and header tags.

SSL Security

In 2014, Google began rewarding websites with SSL Security. This added security protects website users from viscous malware and it is now a requirement in order to rank on the first page of Google.

Custom Integration

We build our websites on an open-source framework which allows us to add custom features. This includes video backgrounds, interactive maps, and much more. If you think it, we can most likely do it. Just ask!

Secured Hosting

Our hosting servers offer a variety of security measures to ensure your website is safe. This includes DDoS Protection, daily malware scans, and reCAPTCHA logins.

Reporting & Analysis

We are fully transparent with our reporting's. That is why we give all of our clients full access to their websites Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

What Makes Our Websites Better
  • Built-In SEO
  • Proper Alt & Header Tags
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Secured Hosting
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Support 7 Days A Week
Get The Best Website In Your Local Area
Below are the most common problems seen in websites today. The good news is, it will make it even easier for your website to outrank your competitor.
  • Broken links
  • Broken/Missing Descriptions
  • Duplicate H1 Tags
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