Grow Your Instagram Account with Authentic, Targeted, and Loyal Followers
We are happy to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Instagram Growth Strategy. Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms and it is not a coincidence that more local businesses are signing up everyday. Not only can Instagram help a company with their branding, but it also helps a business connect with their customers. Unfortunately, in order to grow your account and stay on Instagram’s good side you need to post content consistently. There’s no worse feeling than posting an image and getting less than 10 likes. We can change that. Our company has been experimenting with different Instagram growth methods and this is by far the best one.

Our Method

There are many ways to grow an account: Facebook ads, shoutout promotions, etc. We chose the traditional follow/unfollow method. What makes us different is that we do all of this manually on a real smartphone. That means we only interact with quality users that will engage with your content. In addition, we are not using bots and are not sending fake engagement. That means you don’t have to worry about having your account blocked by Instagram.

Increase Web Traffic

With our method we have the ability to send thousands of impressions to your Instagram account. That means thousands of eyes on your brand and products. Some of our clients have seen up to a 4x increase in website traffic. One great feature is being able to view these results in your insights. Instagram Insights are available for all Instagram Business Profiles. From there you can see your audience location, daily website traffic, and much more.

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are a classic way to grow on Instagram, but it is more than just cramming your posts with hashtags. Most people do not realize that spamming hashtags actually causes a negative effect on your account. You need to limit how many hashtags are on each post by being selective. At Cultr Media, we provide in-depth research and discover hashtags in your niche. We hand select hashtags that fit your goals whether it is getting on the explore page or becoming known in your local area.

In-Depth Audit

Instagram is built off of one key foundation - keep the user scrolling. The public has become prone to always needing a visual stimulation. That means your account must have appeal, or they will scroll right through your posts. We can help you grab their attention by updating your profile picture, bio, and managing your posts. Before we start growing your account, we will have a full in-depth audit on your Instagram account and offer helpful recommendations. In doing so, this will optimize your account for exponential growth. Unfortunately, not all customers will be qualified for our Instagram Growth so please contact us for a free business audit.

Social Media Marketing

Choose Your Growth

We have different plans to fit your business needs. If you are an experienced Instagram user, we recommend the Basic plan. This plan helps promote your current and future content by targeting thousands of users to your Instagram page. If you are new to Instagram, but want immediate results we recommend the Pro Plan. In this plan not only will we grow your Instagram account, but we will also post content on your Instagram page. We will manage your entire Instagram account so you can focus solely on your business.

Every Local Business Should be on

A lot of businesses are struggling on Instagram because they simply do not know how to grow. The common go-to method for growth is ranking for hashtags, but when you are a local business this does not work. This is due to the fact that these followers will be worldwide and that is completely useless. As a local business you need followers that live in nearby cities. Our growth method solves all of these problems. At Cultr Media, we research local competitors, analyze each follower (one by one), and send all of the traffic to your account. Some agencies grow accounts using Facebook ads, but with Facebook ads you can not see every individual Instagram – we can. This means you will get high quality followers that not only interact with your content, but also live in a nearby city.

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