Facebook Ads
& Paid Search
We have all seen SEM being used when doing a simple Google search, scrolling down your Facebook timeline, or even swiping through Instagram Stories. It is the top link(s) that you see displaying an Ad box near it. This type of marketing will put your business at the top, and we have figured out exactly how to do just that.
  • Get your website at the top of every relevant Google search through optimized ads.
  • We will customize each ad with hand written content converting leads to your website naturally and effectively.
  • Showcase any deals you have at the current moment giving customers the potential to benefit off the sale.
  • Pay only per action – meaning, clicks on your ad. All the while you will be receiving free brand awareness when the public is just scrolling through Google.
  • Be recognized when customers are searching for your competitors. We will implement key words that your competitors use in order for your website to pop up before theirs.
  • Receive a monthly analysis sheet showing you how well your ads are performing and what customers you have gained through the marketing campaign.
  • Gain access to in-depth data showcasing your best performing ads in terms of the number of impressions, clicks, CTR, top performing keywords, and much more.
  • These paid search ads will give you the quickest results complimenting our SEO package perfectly to reach your target customers instantly and rank your business as a top performer.
  • Rank your ad score as high as possible to gain trust with Google and get you better placement with your ads.
Our Search Engine Marketing Process

Here at Cultr Media we strive to do one thing; get you more business. Whether this results into more phone calls, foot traffic, or even an online purchase, we can help you grow. Over the past couple of years we have figured out how to provide our clients with the best possible results. Search Engine Marketing can double or even quadruple your monthly revenue, it is entirely up to you. As they say, it takes money to make money and the sky is the limit.


Budget Optimization

The amount of traffic you receive will ultimately be dependent on your monthly budget of ad spending. We all know, the more you have to spend, the more revenue you will rake in. We also understand that not every business has a ton of money to be spending, and we are willing to work with almost any budget.

Website Analysis

We start by analyzing your website to search for keywords that your potential customers would be typing into Google. By doing this, we will narrow down what works at a cost effective rate for you.

Researching Competitors

This step is crucial and probably the most exciting. We will research key words that the public is using to find your competitors and get your company to rank above them. Essentially, this will get you seen before your competition, leading to more monthly revenue.

Writing Content

We will customize each ad group with hand written content to incentivize potential clients to click on your website. This can be something as simple as a specific deal you have going on right now, or an eye catching headline that guides them to your site.
Ad Score

Ranking Your Ad Score

Ad Score is determined by Google and this is calculated by your bid amount, your ad quality, and the search terms. This ranking can fluctuate, but we have the tools to keep your ranking high and consistent. This in turn will gain trust with Google and bring you more customers.

Monthly Results

Retain access to your monthly in-depth results sheet. This will consist of your best performing paid advertisements, impressions, click through rates, top performing keywords, and much more.
Other Services We Provide

All services we provide are aimed to grow your company to it’s max capacity. The sky is the limit and with Cultr Media, anything is possible. Our team works around the clock to ensure that our clients are happy with our entire process. The goal is simple; help each business as we would want to help our own. Whether we achieve that by creating you the best new Web Design, creating Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or Social Media Marketing, we are always here to help.

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