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We all want to stand out, and our company has integrated the most efficient way of ranking you at the top of the list. In sports terms, we want to make you our #1 draft pick and get you that $100 million contract. At Cultr Media, we have broken down and digested each major search engine. It is no longer just about finding the hottest keywords and implementing them on your website. Now it is about extensive keyword research, local citations, page structure, high quality backlinks, and much more. We know this because we have been testing our SEO method on multiple websites for years. This has allowed us to narrow down to the methods that work best. It has given us the tools to bring traffic to your business like never before. After all, you did make it to our website.

SEO 101

We pride ourselves in being one of the best local SEO companies to date. If you are not up to date on your Search Engine Optimization in 2021, you will get left behind. Fortunately, we are here to prevent that from happening and want to help you skip to the front of the line. Here is how it works in simple terms.

Ranking Keywords

We aim to rank your website for hundreds, if not thousands of keywords at the same time. Our keyword research team does a great job of not only finding high traffic keywords with low competition, but also local keywords. By doing this alone, you will see a huge increase in monthly visits to your site. Not only will we find the most engaging keywords for your website, we will also make the keywords specific enough to drive even more sales. We do this by not only offering short-tail keywords, but also long-tail keywords.

Creating Value

When most of us hear the word "SEO Content" we assume it is the site with the most keywords scattered around to help get the most impressions. While this is somewhat true, this content means absolutely nothing without value. Content without value is simply spam. No one likes spam, unless you live in Hawaii. We handwrite each website ensuring that you have the most keywords while giving the best value to your customers. This improves user engagement, and protects against future algorithmic changes.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Be the first AND last click. Our goal is to rank you so well that you are the first website the customer wants to click above all the competition. Aside from that, we want the content on your page to be so engaging that they do not want to search for any other business. The goal is to entice customers into using your website as a tool which will help them benefit in the long run. This will help instore trust between you and the customer. In return, all of this will potentially lead you to another sale.

Fast Loading & Mobile Friendly

We will take the best photos/videos and compress them so that your page runs quick, but the content will still look great. We will also optimize your website to be mobile friendly. More than half of users searching on Google are doing so by mobile devices. Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, your website will look amazing.


Optimization is one of the key factors for a number of reasons. By fully optimizing, you are opening yourself up to endless possibilities and expanding your business to many new clients. We can help you with this. Not only will we research the best keywords to rank you at the top, we will be sure not to over-optimize either. This consists of not repeating the same words 20+ times which can in turn demote your page via Google.

Reporting & Analysis

Google says it takes about 12 months until you start seeing results from SEO. At Cultr Media, our clients are seeing SEO results in as quick as 4-6 months. We highly recommend getting on our monthly plan to provide you with extended services. Our team will provide your company with monthly reporting on visibility, analytics, conversions & revenue. Within this report you will also be able to see how well your keyword rankings are improving.


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