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Cultr Media is ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing trends. Building a website today is much different than it was 5 years ago. It is more than just picking the right keywords or picking the right domain name. At Cultr Media, we understand this. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of services that all lead to one goal: delivering more customers. Whether it is designing your website, understanding your local SEO, or even managing your social media, we understand that all you care about are the results.

SEO is Our Secret Sauce
Our company grew quickly due to all of the traffic we were receiving organically through SEO. We know what content and data structure Google is looking for to rank a website on the first page. That is why most of our clients not only purchase our web design, but also invest in our SEO package.

Local Citations

There are hundreds of directory listings available on the internet. How many are you on? Is the name, number, and website consistent? All of this plays a role with your SEO by helping add credibility to your website.

Keyword Research

SEO has been around for decades. This means most of the common keywords are highly competitive. Luckily, there are still millions of keywords that have less competition. Using our in-house keyword research method we can find less competitive keywords and help you rank on them - this means more website traffic.

Content Writing

What a lot of agencies "forget" to mention is the importance of writing content. If you stuff a lot of keywords on a page then Google will read that as spam and blacklist your website. That is why writing high quality content with the right amount of keywords is crucial. In addition, the content must be relevant for your niche or else the user will find someone else. Our team located in Newport Beach, CA have been doing this for years and know exactly what to do.


We cover all bases with our SEO strategy - including backlinks. Backlinks are part of off-page SEO and help add additional authority to your website. Backlinks are "shoutouts" from other websites that can help add credibility to your site - especially when it is brand new.

Search Optimization

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